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The Three Ingredients of Self Motivation

The major reason why we procrastinate is because we are not motivated enough. And there isn’t one single factor that determines motivation. In this article we discuss the three factors that influence self motivation. I know that I am supposed to do a particular activity like an assignment, or study a book or write letters. But I tend to postpone these indefinitely, citing various excuses. The major reason why we procrastinate is because we are not motivated enough. Being a mentor for a bunch of young talented […]

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How to Choose the Best Credit Cards for the Recent Graduate

  Recent graduates — from both high school and college — face similar questions and potential roadblocks when it comes to establishing and maintaining a good credit score and history. It makes sense: they’ve likely been living at home with their parents, or with roommates in dorms, with little or no need to worry about their own personal finances. But, once graduation comes and goes, reality can crash down pretty hard on former students who are heading out into the workforce for the first time, and starting […]

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Ask for What You Want, But Don’t Demand It

Every now and then you read an article or a book that changes your life in a big way.  When a certain principle or suggestion jumps off the page at you.  When you know you’ve just learned something that will change your life immediately. I was fortunate about fifteen years ago to have that very experience.  A very simple principle that has made an incredible difference in my life.  It has also helped thousands of other people think and act with confidence. You can benefit from this […]

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How Much Money You’d Have If You Invested $10K In The World’s Biggest Companies At IPO, Visualized

Regrets, we have a few. Namely, not figuring out how to buy a couple thousand dollars of stock in Amazon in 1997 when the company IPO’d. If we’d put down $10,000, we’d be sitting pretty on a return of about $5.8 million. This regret-inducing chart from Redditor, uh, u/splityoassintwo shows what your bank account might look like if you invested in the 6 largest companies (by market cap) in the world:  Reddit/splityoassintwo The chart is also a good argument for sitting on your investments, rather than panic-selling — […]

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