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Owe Dad A Debt Of Gratitude

  (I have just turned 16 and I am looking for a summer job. Since I am looking for employment and am about to get my license, my parents decide to buy me my first cell phone for my birthday. I don’t give my number out to people except to my friends, relatives, and potential employers. One day I receive a phone call from an unknown number, and since the number has the same area code as my city, I assume it is an employer looking to […]

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Important Tips For Securing Car Loans Even If You Have A Bad Credit History

For anyone looking forward to getting the car of their dreams, seeking a car loan is an indispensable option. However, the going normally gets tough once your loan request is turned down due to a bad credit score. The following detailed write-up will be of great benefit to you if you’re looking for bad credit car loans. Features of Car loans For People with Bad Credit Interest Rates Compared to ordinary car loans, these loans normally attract higher interest rates. Different lenders have different interest rates. It […]

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